In Western Australia, there is much publicity regarding the emergency waiting times in a hospital.

Access for an orthopaedic operation at the General Hospital in Addis Ababa can take as long as five days and less important surgery can take more than one year.

The reason for this is not because of a shortage of surgeons but rather the competition for operating space and operating time at the General Hospital.

Creating two new orthopaedic operating theatres will significantly impact on the hospital’s ability to greatly increase the number of orthopaedic operations and crucially reduce the waiting time for an emergency operation.

Australian Doctors for Africa (ADFA) has a commitment to effect significant change in health care and well-being in Ethiopia, through the provision of overseas medical teams, services and assistance.

Australian Doctors for Africa is setting Ethiopia on course to a more stable future by assisting them with medical equipment, medical supplies, medical training, surgical operations and medical building projects.

Established in 2005, ADFA is a non-profit community based organisation with its headquarters located in Perth. It has DGR status.

Since its inception the growth of ADFA has been phenomenally successful through seven (7) medical assignments to Ethiopia.